Enter a new era of stores. Friction-free. Empowered with technology.

Our product

Our cutting edge technology allows any retailer to augment their store experience. We developed a computer vision solution designed to recognise any consumer products and attribute it to the right customer. Storelift empowers Retailers to offer a « no line, no checkout » experience to their customers. Check here a little demonstration of our technology.

How it works?

Privacy based



Privacy based tracking

We don't use any facial recognition and we cannot visually identify you outside.

Product recognition

Cutting edge product recognition leveraging deep neural networks.

Transaction attribution

Every transaction is link to your account, you can take your things and walk out.

Retail 2.0

Frictionless customer journey

Artificial Intelligence enables physical stores becoming much more than a storage space: an experience place. Free from frictions such as waiting in line, clients can come and enjoy seeing, smelling or trying products.

Optimal square metre profitability

Monitor everything that happens in stores such as traffic, customer behaviors, conversions, dwell time and much more. Maximize loss prevention, optimize stock management and increase profitability.